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Arbaaa Marketing and Ferrari Quebec Collaboration: A Triumph at the Canadian Grand Prix 2020

Arbaaa Marketing and Ferrari Quebec Collaboration: A Triumph at the Canadian Grand Prix 2020

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges, forcing the world to pause and reevaluate its pace. Amidst the uncertainty, the Canadian Grand Prix faced cancellation, a significant blow to motorsport enthusiasts. Yet, in the heart of adversity, a beacon of hope emerged through a collaboration that not only reignited the spirit of the race but also fostered a sense of community and resilience. This was the collaboration between Arbaaa Marketing and Ferrari Quebec, culminating in the creation of the inspiring "We Will Be Back" campaign.

The Birth of "We Will Be Back"

With the pandemic casting a shadow over the Grand Prix, Arbaaa Marketing and Ferrari Quebec sought to deliver a message of hope and anticipation. They envisioned a campaign that would not only connect with Ferrari fans but also resonate with the broader community. "We Will Be Back" was born out of this vision, a campaign designed to remind everyone that the thrill of the race and the spirit of Ferrari would endure beyond the current hiatus.

Highlighting Local Influencers and Ferrari Owners

Central to the campaign's success was its emphasis on local influencers and Ferrari owners. By involving well-known personalities and passionate Ferrari enthusiasts, the campaign aimed to create authentic connections with the audience. These local influencers shared their personal stories and experiences, highlighting their love for Ferrari and the Canadian Grand Prix. Their participation brought a sense of authenticity and relatability to the campaign, making it more impactful and engaging.

A Social Media Movement

Arbaaa Marketing leveraged the power of social media to amplify the "We Will Be Back" campaign. A series of posts, videos, and stories flooded platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, each piece crafted to evoke emotions and build anticipation. The campaign featured behind-the-scenes glimpses of Ferrari owners showcasing their prized cars, influencers sharing heartfelt messages, and snippets of the short film that was the campaign's centerpiece.

The Short Film: A Cinematic Tribute

At the heart of the "We Will Be Back" campaign was a short film that encapsulated the essence of the message. This film was not just a visual treat for Ferrari fans but a cinematic tribute to the spirit of racing and resilience. It featured stunning visuals of Ferrari cars cruising through the picturesque landscapes of Quebec, intertwined with powerful narratives from local influencers and Ferrari owners. The film beautifully conveyed that the passion for racing and the Ferrari brand would continue to thrive, despite the temporary setback.

Spreading Positivity and Building Anticipation

The primary objective of the "We Will Be Back" campaign was to spread positivity and remind fans that the Canadian Grand Prix and Ferrari would return stronger than ever. The campaign successfully built anticipation and kept the excitement alive among fans. It served as a reminder that the challenges faced were temporary and that the spirit of racing would soon be rekindled.


The collaboration between Arbaaa Marketing and Ferrari Quebec during the Canadian Grand Prix 2020 is a testament to the power of resilience and community. The "We Will Be Back" campaign not only uplifted the spirits of motorsport enthusiasts but also strengthened the bond between Ferrari and its fans. By highlighting local influencers and Ferrari owners, the campaign created a sense of belonging and anticipation, proving that even in the face of adversity, the passion for racing remains unyielding. As the world awaited the return of the Grand Prix, the message was clear: Ferrari and the Canadian Grand Prix would be back, stronger and more exhilarating than ever.