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Huna Creatives Convergence Campaign Introduction

Huna Creatives Convergence Campaign Introduction
Objective: Build community, enhance digital presence, grow brand equity, and host impactful events while celebrating Saudi culture.

Month 1: Kickoff and Community Building

Weeks 1-2: Workshops and Masterclasses

  • Each Branch: Host one workshop or masterclass led by a local expert in a creative field each week (we can give them memberships at 0 cost).
  • Promotion: Leverage social media, newsletters, and local influencers to promote these events (launch our newsletter utilizing this campaign).

Weeks 3-4: Member Spotlight and Collaborative Art Project

  • Member Spotlight: Feature one member from each branch weekly on social media and the blog. Share their stories, projects, and successes.
If they want, this could be done through a form they can fill out, allowing them to reach all members.
  • Collaborative Art Project: Launch a community art project where each branch contributes a piece. Combine photos of the pieces to create a virtual mural displayed online. Document the process and share it on social media.
A giant canvas with the Huna logo on it, to which members can add their touch, could later be hung in the branch, it could be done in one of the members events.

Month 2: Digital Marketing and Engagement

Weeks 5-6: Virtual Tours and Live Q&A

  • Virtual Tours: Host virtual tours of Huna branches on Instagram Live and X Live, highlighting unique features and cultural elements specific to each location.
  • Live Q&A: Include Q&A sessions with founders and key members. Promote the schedule through social media and email newsletters.
Even if it doesn't attract many viewers, being close to creatives and members will achieve the marketing goals.

Weeks 7-8: Influencer Partnerships and User-Generated Content Campaign

  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with one influencer per branch to create content showcasing their experiences. Use branded hashtags like #HunaKSA and #CreativeSaudi.
  • User-Generated Content: Launch a contest encouraging members to share their Huna experiences with a specific hashtag on social media. Feature the best posts on Huna’s channels and select the best post from each branch for a small prize.

Month 3: Brand Equity Growth and Events Hosting

Weeks 9-10: Success Stories, Testimonials, and Sustainability Initiatives

  • Success Stories: Share one success story from each branch through blog posts and social media. Highlight how Huna supports their growth and aligns with Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Announce and promote new sustainability initiatives at each branch. Create content around these practices to share online, emphasizing the Saudi Green Initiative.

Weeks 11-12: Strategic Partnerships, Creative Hackathon, and Pop-Up Market

  • Strategic Partnerships: Announce one new partnership per branch with local businesses or cultural organizations. Promote collaborative events and initiatives resulting from these partnerships.
  • Creative Hackathon: Each branch hosts a one-day hackathon focused on local challenges or innovative projects. Document and share highlights online.
  • Pop-Up Market and Cultural Festival: Organize a small pop-up market and cultural festival at each branch, featuring local Saudi artisans, food vendors, and creatives. Highlight traditional crafts, music, and cuisine.

Week 13: Industry Panels and Culmination Event

  • Industry Panels: Each branch hosts one panel or talk with local industry leaders discussing trends and challenges in various creative fields. Record and share these sessions on Huna’s YouTube channel and social media platforms.
This can be achieved by the CEO's connections, highlighting him and the community of like-minded people in the industry.
  • Culmination Event: Host a final celebration at each branch, recapping the campaign’s highlights and showcasing member achievements.

Optional Brand Collaborations (we can arrange).

  • WashiBloom Florist: Collaborate with WashiBloom, a florist using sustainable flowers, for a workshop in the space in collaboration with an art exhibition inside the Inside The Space Gallery at Huna Takhassusi.
  • Deyaa Rambo and Dhadd Family: Organize a community gathering with Deyaa Rambo and the Dhadd Family at the Alhabib branch, activating the space and bringing the community together.
  • Arbaaa Marketing: Host a workshop on Business for Creatives, covering topics such as creative development milestones from a hobbyist to an expert. A restaurant marketing workshop should also be organized to highlight Huna’s brand positioning regarding restaurants.
  • Advance Media: Partner with Advance Media for media coverage and event sponsorship, providing equipment and expertise. Host creative storytelling workshops and other events in collaboration with Advance Media.
I am certain the Huna Community has access to many more brands that would love to participate in such events. We can definitely put out a call for participation or ideas.

Promotion Strategy

To maximize the reach and impact of the "Huna Creatives Convergence" campaign, we plan to collaborate with various influential platforms and personalities. We will work on distribution deals with influencers and popular pages such as Scene Saudi, Timeout Magazine, Adhlal Design, and Amar Almadar. These partnerships will help us spread the word about our events and initiatives, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement.

Execution Plan

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Utilize digital marketing channels, including social media, email, and content marketing. Leverage local media and influencer partnerships for extended reach.

Member Engagement:

  • Involve members in planning and executing events, offering incentives such as exclusive access, discounts, or feature opportunities.

Feedback and Improvement:

  • Collect participant feedback throughout the campaign to refine future initiatives and ensure alignment with cultural values.


The "Huna Creatives Convergence" campaign is designed to create a vibrant, engaged community across our branches, enhancing our brand’s digital presence and equity while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. We look forward to your support and participation in making this campaign successful.