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Marketing on Social Media in Saudi Arabia: A Deep Dive into Strategies and Statistics

Discover the evolving landscape of marketing on social media in Saudi Arabia. This article unpacks the latest statistics and strategies shaping how Saudi businesses engage with digital audiences effectively.

Marketing on Social Media in Saudi Arabia: A Deep Dive into Strategies and Statistics


Social media marketing has become a fundamental strategy for businesses globally, and Saudi Arabia is rapidly adapting to these trends. With the rise of digital consumption, particularly spurred by recent global events, Saudi companies are increasingly investing in social media to reach their target demographics. This article offers a detailed examination of social media marketing strategies in Saudi Arabia, supported by relevant statistics and global comparisons.

Overview of Global Marketing Spend

General Marketing Expenditures

On average, businesses dedicate 9.1% of their revenue to marketing, with digital transformation gaining a significant share post-pandemic. The Gartner study highlights this trend, noting the broad shift towards online engagement.

Digital and eCommerce Growth

According to the Mastercard Economics Institute, global online spending surged by $900 billion more than the previous trend in 2020, illustrating a drastic shift in consumer habits, further emphasized by 63% of American consumers shopping more online since the pandemic (Enterpriseapptoday).

Future Outlook on Marketing Budgets

Marketing budgets are showing signs of robust recovery, with a 10.4% growth in marketing spending anticipated from 2022 to 2023 as per The CMO Survey. This indicates a rebound in ad spending and a positive trajectory for digital marketing strategies.

Digital Advertising Spend

Global Digital Ad Expenditures

The digital ad spend worldwide reached a record $667.6 billion, according to Oberlo, highlighting the significant investments businesses are making in digital platforms.

As reported by Statista, mobile advertising spending is expected to approach $400 billion in 2024, demonstrating the increasing importance of mobile platforms in the digital advertising space.

The Shift in Ad Market Dominance

Google and Meta, while still dominant, are seeing a shift in the ad market as platforms like Amazon gain traction, capturing 11% of all digital ads (Washington Post).

Content Marketing Insights

Investment in Content Marketing

HubSpot reports that 82% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, underscoring the growing reliance on engaging, quality content to attract and retain customers.

The Role of Video in Content Strategy

Wyzowl statistics reveal that 87% of video marketers believe video has directly helped increase sales, pointing to the effectiveness of video content in marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Adoption of Social Media Platforms

Saudi Arabia boasts a high penetration of social media usage, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok playing pivotal roles in local marketing strategies.

Statistics on Social Media Usage

PFL's study indicates that digital channels consumed 56% of marketing budgets in 2022, with social media being the top channel. This is particularly relevant in a market like Saudi Arabia, where social media engagement is exceptionally high.

The Rise of TikTok and Snapchat

TikTok's user base has rapidly grown to 150 million in the United States alone, with significant adoption rates seen in Saudi Arabia as well (Search Logistics). Snapchat also shows substantial engagement, with daily active users reaching 406 million in Q3 2023, indicating its relevance among younger demographics (Social Shepherd).

Challenges and Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Cultural and Regulatory Challenges

Marketers in Saudi Arabia must navigate a complex array of cultural and regulatory challenges to ensure their strategies are both effective and compliant with local norms.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining traction, with businesses expected to spend $32 billion on influencer campaigns in 2024 (AdWeek). This trend is mirrored in Saudi Arabia, where local influencers have a significant impact on consumer behavior.


The landscape of social media marketing in Saudi Arabia is rich with opportunities, driven by a young, tech-savvy population and a growing emphasis on digital engagement. By understanding the statistical trends and adapting to local preferences, businesses can effectively leverage social media to reach and influence their target audiences in Saudi Arabia.

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