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Arbaaa Marketing's Heartfelt Campaign: "A Story Every Day" in Al Balad for Ramadan 2022

Arbaaa Marketing's Heartfelt Campaign: "A Story Every Day" in Al Balad for Ramadan 2022

As the CEO of Arbaaa Marketing, I am immensely proud to share the story behind one of our most meaningful campaigns to date. For Ramadan 2022, we partnered with the vibrant community of Al Balad to create "A Story Every Day," a campaign that not only highlighted the unique Ramadan vibes of this historic district but also celebrated the rich cultural tapestry and the heartfelt traditions of its residents.

Capturing the Spirit of Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of reflection, togetherness, and spiritual renewal. In Al Balad, these sentiments are amplified by the district's historical charm and the warmth of its people. Our goal with "A Story Every Day" was to encapsulate these elements and share them with a wider audience. Through a series of daily videos, we aimed to bring the essence of Ramadan in Al Balad to life, creating a visual and emotional journey for viewers.

The Campaign: "A Story Every Day"

Each day during Ramadan, we released a video that told a unique story from Al Balad. These stories were not just about the customs and traditions of Ramadan but also about the people who make this season so special. From the bustling souks filled with the aromas of traditional foods to the serene moments of prayer and reflection, every video captured a different aspect of Ramadan in Al Balad.

Highlighting Ramadan Vibes

The videos showcased the vibrant atmosphere of Al Balad during Ramadan. The district's narrow streets and historic buildings were adorned with festive lights and decorations, creating a magical ambiance that resonated with the spirit of the season. We filmed local markets brimming with dates, sweets, and other Ramadan delicacies, capturing the hustle and bustle that marks the preparation for iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast.

A Song by the Locals

A highlight of the campaign was a beautiful song about Ramadan, performed by local artists. This song, infused with traditional melodies and heartfelt lyrics, became the soundtrack for our videos. It added an emotional depth to the campaign, resonating with viewers and evoking a sense of nostalgia and community. The song celebrated the values of togetherness, gratitude, and spiritual reflection that are central to Ramadan.

Community Involvement

One of the most rewarding aspects of "A Story Every Day" was the involvement of the Al Balad community. Local residents shared their personal stories and traditions, providing an authentic and intimate glimpse into their lives during Ramadan. This collaboration not only enriched the campaign but also strengthened our connection with the community, creating a project that was truly by the people, for the people.

The Impact

"A Story Every Day" was met with overwhelming positivity. The campaign's videos garnered thousands of views and shares, resonating with audiences both locally and internationally. Viewers appreciated the authentic portrayal of Ramadan in Al Balad and the heartfelt stories that highlighted the district's unique charm and traditions. The campaign succeeded in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ramadan, bridging cultural gaps and celebrating shared values.


The "A Story Every Day" campaign for Ramadan 2022 was more than just a marketing project; it was a celebration of community, tradition, and the spirit of Ramadan. Through our collaboration with the people of Al Balad, we were able to create a series of videos that captured the heart and soul of this special time. As we look back on this campaign, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share these stories and for the lasting impact they have had on our audience.

At Arbaaa Marketing, we believe in the power of storytelling to connect people and celebrate cultural heritage. "A Story Every Day" is a testament to this belief, and we look forward to continuing to create campaigns that inspire, engage, and bring people together.

  • Ameer Albahouth, CEO of Arbaaa Marketing