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A Week at Arbaaa Marketing: Supporting the SEVEN CONCOURS Car Show

A Week at Arbaaa Marketing: Supporting the SEVEN CONCOURS Car Show

In Riyadh, nestled among events of grandeur, the SEVEN Concours Car Show prepared to showcase a selection of luxurious automobiles, curated meticulously by SEVEN Car Lounge. Reaching a global audience effectively and swiftly was essential, and this was where our team at Arbaaa Marketing stepped in, tasked with a challenge that reflects our daily efforts.

Our Usual Approach

Handling the SEVEN Concours Car Show’s promotion aligned with our regular tasks: enhancing visibility through strategic planning and execution. We chose Instagram for its visual strength and ability to connect globally, leveraging our familiarity with the platform to support the event’s goals.

Creating Content as Routine

Creating engaging content is part of our regular workflow. For this event, we crafted 30 videos that showcased the elegance and unique features of the showcased cars. These videos were designed to capture the essence of the event and resonate with both car enthusiasts and those who appreciate luxury lifestyles.

Strategic Deployment Is Standard Practice

We handpicked 22 Instagram accounts, known for their influence in the luxury and automotive sectors, such as @Laurabtlrr and @onlyforluxury. Our choice was strategic, aiming to optimize reach and engagement—a practice we refine with each campaign.

Expected Outcomes Achieved

Throughout the seven-day campaign, our efforts led to substantial results. The event's Instagram account saw a typical increase, adding 300,000 new followers, which was anticipated given the content’s alignment with audience interests.

Viral Success, Part of the Plan

Some of our videos reached viral status, one amassing over a million views. While we’re pleased with these outcomes, high engagement rates are a sign that our content met the audience’s expectations and our strategy was sound.

Reflecting on Another Project Completion

At the close of the campaign, we conducted our usual review of the analytics—a standard procedure to ensure we learn from each project. This campaign served as another opportunity to apply our expertise quietly and effectively.

Preparation for Future Projects

As we transition to upcoming initiatives, we carry forward the lessons and successes from the SEVEN Concours Car Show. In our line of work at Arbaaa Marketing, these experiences are stepping stones that enhance our future efforts.

In summary, this project was a reflection of our routine commitment to excellence, approached with our typical dedication to bringing our clients' visions to life through thoughtful marketing strategies. For us, it's about consistent service and quiet professionalism in all we do.